Kidtastico | Best Family Fun Children Activities in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and Monterey

About Kidtastico!

I’m a self employed dad who works at home. This gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to family time. Every Saturday I take my daughter on an adventure. Sundays also. Sometimes we kick out in the middle of the week. Though we live in Santa Cruz we travel all around the bay area looking for fun. Santa Cruz is beautiful and unmatched for outdoor recreation, but it’s pretty limited in the indoor activity department so we often find ourselves traveling out of the area looking for new sites, sounds and tactile experiences.

I’m not trying to make a comprehensive list of everything you can possibly do in the Bay area. My daughter and myself have personally visited and enjoyed every place featured on this blog. In other words, everything is 100% Kidtastico Approved!

When not having fun with my kid I’m either surfing or tending to my graphic and web design business in Santa Cruz. So if your start-up needs some killer product packaging design that will fly off the shelf, a clean and effective professional website that will actually show up in the search engines, or some slick print advertisements that will break through the market clutter, then contact me now.

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