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Gizdich Ranch – Strawberry Picking, Apple Picking, and Fresh Pies in Watsonville

There are two things I’ve learned from Gizdich Ranch. One, there is nothing better than fresh picked strawberries, and two, picking strawberries is one of the most painful things you can do. You can try bending at the knees, bending at the waste, sitting in one spot in a squatting position, or scooting along like a crab. No matter what you try, your back will be killing you after an hour. But is so worth it. That’s why I come here every Saturday from June through July to get my fix. Sure, I could just go buy a flat in their store, but they will not be as good as mine. I’m picky about...
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Play In The Snow at Castle Rock in The Santa Cruz Mountains on Skyline Boulevard

It’s December 16th, 2008 and I’m heading out to the Point for a dawn patrol session. My car is covered in a thick sheet of ice so I melt it off with a couple of gallon jugs of hot water. The air is barely 32 degrees. When I get to the point the waves are waist to chest and just peeling across through second. The cold has kept everyone home so I suit up to enjoy a rare day at the Point in solitude. I catch a few waves before I notice that the Santa Cruz mountains are covered in snow. Not a just a dusting near the summit, I mean solid white from top to bottom. The water is a brutal 48...
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Pastorinos Farm – Pumpkins, Haunted House, Greenhouse Nursery, Train Ride, and Gift Shop

Located in Half Moon Bay, directly accross the street from Lemos, Patorinos Farm is normally a nursery with huge greenhouses to stroll through but cranks up the Halloween spirit in October. There’s the usual pumpkin patch, jump houses, slider, food stands and hay rides but there are two features that you won’t find anywhere else – a train ride through the greenhouses and a haunted house built inside a littler greenhouse that’s inside the big one. The train ride is the standard farm set up with a diesel tractor pulling some tricked out golf carts so don’t sit up front if...
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99 Ranch Market’s Fresh Live Fish and Seafood Counter in Milpitas

Located on the opposite side of the freeway from The Great Mall is the Milpitas Square shopping center. This is a Chinese shopping center, meaning all the store fronts, the menus, and the signage is aimed at a Mandarin speaking and reading crowd. My friend affectionately refers to it as an Asiary. Throughout the bay area there a clusters of imported cultural activity and this place is a testament to our liberal (not politically, I mean in the classic definition) immigration policies. All the restaurants, and there a lot of them, are Chinese or Taiwanese, so if that’s your thing, you’ll be...
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