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Borchard Farms – Giant Pumpkins, Haunted Barn, Corn Maze, Exotic Birds and a Million Kinds of Squash

Located on Roger’s Road near Salinas, Borchard Farms grows some seriously big pumpkins. Like the kind you only see at the county fair or on the front page of a newspapers. They also have the absolute best variety of squash for sale you will find anywhere. Just boxes and boxes of every size, texture, and color possible and all at very competitive prices. The giant pumpkins and squash orgy would more than enough reason for a visit but Borchard boasts a variety of other activities – some standard to most pumpkin farm destinations and some wholly unique to them – to keep the kids whacked...
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Nickel City Arcade – Five Cent Redemption Games in San Jose

Located  just off highway 85 near Camden Avenue, Nickel City is the place to go for super cheap (and even free) arcade and redemption games. For those not familiar with the term, “redemption games” are games of chance and skill that spit out tickets based upon you score. These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes. So you get the enjoyment of play plus a prize to take home. Whether a redemption games feel like a good deal or not depends on how the pay outs are structured. Games that give out ample tickets, and a redemption counter that has lots of attractive prizes for a low number of...
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The Dinosaurs of Cabazon – Creationist Museum, Activity Center, and Gift Shop

There are those who subscribe to the theory of evolution because everything they’ve learned from biology, genetics, chemistry, physics and the entire global fossil record supports it. Others subscribe to the idea that everything was spontaneously created from nothing by a supreme being, in exactly the state as it now, because a single book, written by people who didn’t know that washing your hands killed germs, told them so. Then there are those who subscribe to both. Who says science and faith can’t co-exist? Not Benjamin S. Carson, M.D. and Dr. Michael Egnor who bought the...
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Spanish Town Dinosaurs – Statue and Fountain Store in Half Moon Bay

Located on Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay, Spanish Town is your classic bait and switch – but in a very good way. Along the front is a huge selection of (more or less) life sized metal dinosaur sculptures. This in itself is reason enough to swing by. However the real goodies are inside their courtyard. Spanish Town is really an epicenter for all your statuary and fountain needs. They lead you in with the basics – classic tiered marble like fountains – and then introduce the progressively more novel and bizarre the deeper you go. Would you like 21 varieties of dog statues? Well they got...
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