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The Dinosaurs of Cabazon – Creationist Museum, Activity Center, and Gift Shop

There are those who subscribe to the theory of evolution because everything they’ve learned from biology, genetics, chemistry, physics and the entire global fossil record supports it. Others subscribe to the idea that everything was spontaneously created from nothing by a supreme being, in exactly the state as it now, because a single book, written by people who didn’t know that washing your hands killed germs, told them so. Then there are those who subscribe to both.

Who says science and faith can’t co-exist? Not Benjamin S. Carson, M.D. and Dr. Michael Egnor who bought the legendary Cabazon Dinosaurs and converted it into a creation science theme park. But unlike those tired old creationists that claim the fossil record is an elaborate hoax concocted by Satan, the new Cabazon Dinosaurs embraces it with a vengeance.

Depending on your point of view, the result is either a kitschy and hilarious fun house designed by a couple of delusional men or the most profound experience you’ll ever have. My vote is for delusional, but the sincerity, the love, and the attention to detail that was put into this place is undeniable. These guys are dead serious.

Did you know that dinosaurs and human always coexisted? You do now. And all you haters can watch an English Knight fight a mini T-Rex if you don’t believe it. Take that you doubting Thomas!

But that’s so easy to make fun of – like shooting fish in a barrel full of money business. The really interesting parts are the quieter moments where they explain the finer points. Taking a page from the liberal play book of identity politics, they claim that the Neanderthals were not like we think. They were just stocky Homo sapiens that have been the victim of a smear campaign to portray them as ape-like and dumb. Brilliant!

They also have a Dino-Dig where kids that find a buried rock with the words T-Rex painted on it get a prize, gemstone mining, mechanical dinosaur rides, and about the cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever seen, which makes this the A-1 place to take a break when traveling across the Highway 10 desert.

I could go on and on, but it must be seen to be believed. The animatronics are top notch, the gift shop is way excellent, and the cool breeze from inside the famous T-Rex head is a welcome respite from the scorching Palm Springs heat.

Do not pass this one up if you’re in the area.

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